What To Do After a Car Accident in Georgia

Let us help in the hours, days, and weeks after a car accident. The Marsh Law Firm helps injury victims in and around Statesboro, Georgia to get the attention and compensation they deserve from negligent drivers. With over 26 years of experience and a record of success, we’re here to answer your questions and guide your next steps.

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What to Do after a Car Accident

If you or a loved one are involved in a crash, your priority should always be your health and safety. Once you are safe, exchange information with the other driver, then contact the police and seek medical attention. If you have your cell phone, take photos and video of the scene. Try to get the name and phone number of every person present.

Don’t Argue, Blame, or Apologize

You won’t resolve anything at the crash site. Don’t blame the other person for the crash, even if you think they were at fault. Also, don’t apologize or accept responsibility.

Stick to the facts. Get the other driver’s name, contact information, and insurance information.

Call the Police After an Accident

Moving forward with an insurance claim requires a car accident report. Not to mention, it’s your legal duty to report any accident that involves injuries, fatalities, or over $500-worth of property damage.

Once the police arrive, they’ll talk with those involved and possibly other witnesses. If there are injuries, deaths, or enough property damage, they’ll automatically file a crash report with the Department of Public Safety. If the accident is minor and the police won’t file a report, it’s your job to file a DPS report.

You’ll want a copy of the police report. You can call and get a copy for your consult with attorney Troy Marsh or we’ll advise you to do this right away.

Hurt? Call 911 and Wait for Help

If you or a loved one is seriously hurt, don’t worry about exchanging information or what you’re supposed to do. Just worry about getting medical attention. Call 911 or ask someone else to. Don’t hesitate to use an ambulance to get to the emergency room.

Attorney Marsh Makes All the Difference

Once you get medical attention, you should immediately consult a lawyer because when you’re seriously injured in a car accident, you should pursue compensation. But winning a settlement or court award takes time and many steps.

Troy Marsh will quickly assess your case, investigates fault, identify the liable party, compile your medical bills and other expenses, and demand the insurer respond fairly.

Attorney Marsh handles your case with the urgency it deserves. Though he’ll get things done quickly, he doesn’t overlook anything. He considers all of your injuries and expenses, so you never accept a settlement that’s less than what you’re rightfully owed.

Hire the Right Lawyer After a Car Accident

Getting the most from your car accident claim requires someone who knows how to get results while also treating you with respect.

When attorney Troy Marsh handles your case:

  • You only have one lawyer. You don’t have to worry about your case being handed off to someone else. Only Mr. Marsh will be your lawyer. Even if he associates with another attorney for their specific skills (at no additional cost to you), he’ll still be your lawyer.
  • You always get a phone call. You can expect at least one phone call a week from attorney Marsh. He wants you to feel confident a lawyer is looking out for you. He does that by always being available, giving updates on your case, and answering your questions.
  • Your lawyer can get results. With over two decades of experience, Troy knows what to do after an accident and how to build a strong case. Never hesitate to call him after a crash, even if it’s only been a few hours or days. The sooner he can get started, the better.
  • You take on minimal risk. Now isn’t the time for you to feel any more financial pressure. That’s why there is no fee unless The Marsh Law Firm wins your case. We handle all the upfront costs of bringing a claim or lawsuit.

Do You Have a Case? Tell Us What Happened

After a car accident, you should determine whether you have a claim for compensation as soon as possible. We recommend scheduling a free consult with Troy Marsh. During the consult, he’ll go over what happened. He’ll ask some questions and make a quick assessment. If he believe you have a compensation claim, he will say so. Then, he’ll recommend your next steps.

The Marsh Law Firm is here to help if your accident was caused by:

Who Is to Blame for the Accident?

Who’s to blame is an objective fact based on the evidence. To win car accident compensation, you have to prove the other driver was responsible. Attorney Marsh will help you show an insurer or court that the other driver owed you a duty of care but acted carelessly instead.

Once attorney Marsh is on your case, he immediately acts to gather evidence, including the police report, photos, eyewitness statements, vehicle inspection reports, and your medical records.

What to Expect After Being Hurt in a Traffic Accident?

We understand you might be dealing with serious injuries right now. Some of the most common auto accident injuries include:

Aggressively Pursue Max Compensation

We know you need compensation because of your physical and mental injuries. You might be dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental distress in the aftermath of a crash.

Some damages you can recover compensation for include:

Document Your Injuries

After being injured in a car accident, it’s important to deal with your injuries properly. This starts with a doctor documenting the type and severity of your injuries.

Follow the doctor’s treatment instructions, even if it’s expensive or inconvenient. Your past and future medical bills are how we start to determine the value of your case. Because of this, keep copies of all of your medical records and bills.

We Help You Handle the Bills

You’re probably wondering who is going to pay all of these medical bills. Unfortunately, the bills are your responsibility. But we’re here to help you understand the process. Generally, it is wise to use your health insurance as much as possible.

Talk with us about asking your medical providers to put your bills on hold while you pursue a recovery. Your health insurance company may ask you to reimburse them for the money they paid your doctors and hospitals. Mr. Marsh will explain that process, and make sure that you only reimburse your insurer if it is required by law.

Pursuing an Auto Accident Settlement and Filing a Lawsuit

Most car accident injury claims are resolved with a settlement. Attorney Troy Marsh knows what it takes to win an insurance claim and negotiate for the maximum amount possible. He’ll carefully assess any offer you receive and tell you honestly whether it’s enough or not. If it’s less than what you are rightfully owed, he’ll fight for more.

We Always Prepare for Court

The benefit of working with attorney Marsh is having an attorney with real trial experience. He has fought these kinds of cases in court before, and he’ll do it again. If you can’t reach a fair settlement, he’s prepared to file a car accident lawsuit and present your case in court.

What to Do After a Car Accident FAQs

Yes, it’s very important to see a doctor after a crash. The only way to know what your claim is worth is if we have documentation of your injuries and medical bills. We use this to calculate how much your injuries cost you. We also use it to estimate how much your future medical care will cost, if any is necessary.

Yes, tell your auto insurance company about the crash IMMEDIATELY. It doesn’t matter who was at fault. You must give the insurer notice of your crash in case you need to use your insurance policy. They also need to know about it if you want your insurer to communicate with the at-fault party’s insurer instead of doing that yourself.

It’s OK if you aren’t sure what happened to cause the crash. The safest thing to do is call an experienced car accident lawyer. You should have an attorney perform an independent investigation to determine what happened and who is at fault. If another driver is to blame, your lawyer can get started on your claim.