Meet Troy Marsh

Let Me Introduce Myself.

I was born and reared in a small community in Bulloch County, Georgia, in a Christian home, where right was right, and wrong was wrong.

There was no “gray” area. Mama was a bank teller. Daddy and his brother founded and operated one of the first quail hunting preserves in Georgia. They worked hard every day. We were not rich, but my sister and I never went hungry. We had what we needed.

Growing up on a quail hunting preserve in south Georgia, I was exposed to people from polar extremes of the socio-economic scale. From day laborers to the wealthy members of his exclusive hunting club, I watched my daddy treat every person with respect and dignity. In return, they treated him the same. It wasn’t just the way he talked to people. If someone truly needed help, he would help them. It didn’t matter the person’s name, race, national origin, ethnicity, or other immutable trait, because those things don’t matter.

What matters, and the lesson I learned, is that we all share a common bond, and we can either treat each other with respect and have a pleasant, peaceful existence, or we can treat each other like something less than human and have a miserable time. God gave each of us the power to choose how we treat each other. I try hard every day to choose respect and dignity.

I saw what hard work looked like,
and that’s how I practice law.

Why I Became a Lawyer

Even with the strong, positive example set by my parents and the Christian values instilled in me, my path was not easy. In early childhood, by the grace of God I survived a near death experience, and my adolescent years were stained by a bitter legal battle that ripped apart my daddy’s family.

When it was over, I was left with a feeling of emptiness, and it was only years later that God showed me the way to fill the void. No one in my immediate family was a lawyer. I didn’t know any lawyers, but I felt it was destiny to help others by using the law.

Through hard work, determination, and scholarships based on my grades, I completed law school and began the satisfying work I was meant to do. After a few years of practice, the law firm where I was working closed and I called upon God for strength. He did not let me down.

In January 1998, I opened the Marsh Law Firm in Statesboro. Since then, I have stayed true to God and his calling to use the law to help others. This has made all the difference in my life and career.

Why Hire Me After Your Car Accident?

Compassion & Hard Work – No Empty Promises. When you are injured in a car accident out of nowhere, you need someone who understands your troubles and how to get results when the outcome means everything to you. You need a lawyer who cares about doing a good job for you because your case matters. You matter. I want to exceed your expectations, and I work very hard not to disappoint.

Hire me because…


You won’t be passed off to a junior associate. I don’t even have a junior associate to pass you off to. Your lawyer will always be me. Even if I associate another lawyer because of her/his particular skill in a specific area (there is no additional cost to you), I will still be your lawyer, and you still talk to me.


I despise sleazy TV lawyers, who treat your case like a game and make outlandish claims. These ads are deceptive and misleading, at least, and false, at worst. I believe they have done more harm to the legal profession than anything else and you deserve better if you are in pain and need legal help.


I know what I’m doing. With 26 years of experience and a history of getting car accident victims everything they need after motor vehicle accidents across the region, you can be confident that I can handle the case.


My only duty is to you. Being a sole practitioner comes with advantages. For instance, I don’t have any partners to answer to. My only responsibility is to provide you with the best possible representation, whether that comes from just me or a “Dream Team” of colleagues and expert witnesses hand-picked based on their knowledge, skill, and/or relevant experience. Through my contact with thousands of lawyers, your case benefits directly and indirectly from the most qualified talent available.

Troy is respected by the judges and lawyers in the area. His reputation as a tireless and knowledgeable advocate for his clients is widely known….Troy is always thoroughly prepared to present each case and achieves winning results for his clients.

Endorsement from Kirk Gilliard, fellow attorney in Augusta, GA

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My Principles
and Beliefs

  • I love practicing law!
  • I am a Christian. I do not apologize for it.
  • I know how to win.
  • I also know how to lose, but never plan to. I work very hard at not losing.
  • I do not like to see people suffer.
  • I can solve lots of problems that involve accidents with injuries. I can’t solve problems like bankruptcy, divorce, or estate planning, so I don’t try.
  • I try very hard to be a great listener. I want to hear your story.
  • When you tell me your story, I will tell you what I think about your case. It may be exactly what you want to hear. It may not. Either way, I’m going to tell you.
  • I know my limits. If there is an issue that I don’t feel competent to handle, I will tell you. Then, I will give you appropriate advice.
  • I demand a fair fight. I loathe unfair fights.
  • Education
  • Georgia State Bar Committees
  • Bar Admissions
  • Honors and Awards
  • Education

    • Mercer University School of Law, 1994 – Juris Doctor, Cum Laude
    • University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, 1987 – Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources
    • Georgia Southern College, 1982-1985 (Pre-Forestry and Pre-Law)

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    Georgia State Bar Committees

    • Fair Marketing Practices
    • Lawyer Advertising
    • Attorney-Client Solicitation

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    Bar Admissions

    • Georgia, 1994
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia

    • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

    • U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
    • U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit

    • All State and Superior Courts in Georgia

    • Court of Appeals of Georgia
    • Supreme Court of Georgia

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    Honors and Awards

    • Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, 1994
Ryals Foundation Scholar
    • Frances Wood Wilson Scholar
    • Continuing Legal Education Presenter – “Medical Records in Case Law,” 2020
    • ABA Mentor

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