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Attorney Troy Marsh


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Attorney Troy Marsh

The Marsh Law Firm – Change How You Think About Car Accident Lawyers

Representation for auto accident victims in and around Bulloch County and all over Georgia.

The Marsh Law Firm devotes itself to helping people injured in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other vehicle accidents in and around Statesboro, Georgia. Our focus, experience, and success in this one area of law mean you get the attention you deserve and the outcome you need.

A successful and well-respected trial lawyer with over 26 years’ experience, Troy Marsh built his firm to give people the protection and advocacy they deserve after being injured in motor vehicle accidents.

My son was a teenager attending college in Statesboro and unfortunately experimented with drugs and got into legal trouble. I didn’t know of any attorneys because we do not live in the area but contacted Mr. Marsh who quickly responded. My son was facing 2-5 years years in jail but Mr Marsh was able to provide great legal advice and alternatives that resulted in reduced sentencing of 60 days and 1st offenders. My son now has a fresh start with no record to learn from his mistake, finish college and be a productive citizen.  Thank you Attorney Marsh for giving my son a second chance to learn a valuable lesson and make something of his life!


I am so glad that my daughter found Troy Marsh, Jr. I’m sure if she hadn’t, her unfortunate situation would have turned out much worse. With this being the first time she was ever in any legal trouble, neither of us knew what to do. My daughter was terrified by the thought of going to court & having a serious charge on her record, but after meeting with Mr. Marsh she immediately knew her case was in good hands. I feel Mr. Marsh went above & beyond, explaining what was going on throughout the process, uncovering mistakes made by the arresting officer and negotiating a reduced charge. My daughter will be graduating from Georgia Southern University this fall. She & I want to thank Mr. Marsh for making sure she will graduate without serving any jail time & without a serious charge hanging over her head.

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Troy Follows the ‘Golden Rule’ of Law

Unlike those TV lawyers with their gimmicks and empty promises, Troy Marsh approaches the law with a strong work-ethic, unwavering Christian faith, and the belief that satisfaction comes from helping others. A follower of “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” he strives to solve problems and better his clients’ lives after a wreck. This is usually in the form of financial compensation.


Troy knows what hardworking people have to deal with after a crash. Car accident victims may not know a lot of lawyers, but they are entitled to answers. Their bills still need to be paid, their pain is real, and they are often left wondering what’s next.


Attorney Marsh delivers the same level of care to his clients as the insurance company working to deny liability or offering you a low-ball settlement. While other car accident law firms look for quick results and high volume, this usually leaves decent folks with less.


Troy doesn’t believe in hollow words or numbers in the air. If he doesn’t know an answer, he’ll be upfront about it. When you work with Troy, your questions will be answered honestly, you’ll know what to expect, and a no-nonsense attorney will be working hard for you.

Meet Troy Marsh


4,000,000 recovered for our clients in 2020.

Each accident is different, and the results that we’ve achieved for our clients should not be considered an expectation for what we can do for you. We are providing examples of case victories to illustrate that we fight hard for our clients to get meaningful results.

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The Marsh Law Firm

At The Marsh Law Firm, we put in the hard work necessary in car accident cases because that’s our focus. This makes us an incredible resource for car accident victims in Bulloch County and all over Georgia. It also gives our clients access to the best experts in the field, who can help prove fault, breakdown what you’re owed, and illustrate how your injuries impacted your life.

Our attention to detail and history of results in local car accident claims lets us:

Investigate Properly
Negotiate for Higher Awards
Build the Strongest Possible Claim
Win in Court

Investigate Properly

Evidence like police records and witness testimony gives us a clear picture of who’s responsible. This lets us establish liability fast and tells us how to prove it.

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Negotiate for Higher Awards

Insurers count on people accepting less than what they need or there could be multiple policies involved. Our car accident lawyers know what you need, where to look, and how to get it.

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Build the Strongest Possible Claim

Insurance companies try to limit what they owe by blaming you. We prepare for everything and fight to hold them accountable.

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Win in Court

Most car accident cases settle, but preparing for court gives you the advantage, and with our trial record, we’re formidable opponents for anyone trying to limit what you deserve.

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We Work Harder after Car Accidents to Get You More

We Handle All Vehicle Accidents Involving a Car

Car accidents come in many forms. If you or a loved one are suffering after a motor vehicle accident in Statesboro, GA, reach out to our accident attorneys today.

Let our Georgia car accident lawyers answer your questions, help deal with repairs, document how your injuries are impacting you, and explain what you may be legally entitled to.

Car Accident FAQs

The short answer is probably not. Insurance companies are in the business of making money by not paying on claims or reducing what they do. They have teams of adjusters and lawyers trying to reduce potential settlements. It’s always best to speak with an auto accident attorney to determine what your injuries are really worth.

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have nothing to lose by calling attorney Marsh. If you think you might have a personal injury claim:

  • Seek medical attention right away and get copies of the records.
  • Document your lost wages and any expenses caused by your injury.
  • Avoid speaking to the insurance company until you’ve spoken with a car accident lawyer.

Do not be afraid to ask your accident lawyer questions. You are entitled to answers. If a lawyer is defensive about your questions, beware. Generally, if you are considering hiring a car accident lawyer for yourself or your family, you’d likely want to know:

(1) Has he/she handled cases like mine before?
(2) If so, how many, and what is their record of wins and losses?
(3) Does he or she know the judge/prosecutor/insurance company/opposing attorney?
(4) Is he respected by the judge/prosecutor/insurance company/opposing attorney?
(5) Does he have enough money to finance a case like mine?
(6) If I hire this firm, who will actually work on my case?
(7) Can I trust them?

There isn’t an easy answer to this because no two cases can ever be exactly alike. While the financial damages in a car accident case can include your past and future medical expenses, any lost wages or diminished earnings, certain out of pocket expenses, and potential compensation for pain and suffering, the outcome of a case depends on unique factors and variables, most of which are outside of our control, and those factors and variables will be different in each case.

Statesboro DUI Defense

Protect your license & preserve your record

Despite what you heard, a DUI in Bulloch County is not hopeless. Police and prosecutors want you to accept your fate, but you shouldn’t give in. There is a lot an experienced DUI lawyer can do. Acting fast could be the difference in keeping your license or getting a DUI in Statesboro dismissed.

With his record in courts across Georgia and over two decades of experience, particularly in motor-vehicle cases, Troy is ideally positioned to help with your DUI. Whether you’re a student at Georgia Sothern University, a first-time offender, or had prior DUI convictions, let Troy review what happened. His insight and skill could help you avoid a license suspension or keep a DUI off your record.

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