I‘m a successful business owner and I was seriously hurt when a careless tractor-trailer driver attempted an unsafe U-Turn and caused a wreck. I needed an aggressive lawyer I could trust. I’m glad I found Troy Marsh. Mr. Marsh and his staff dealt with the insurance company and helped me settle my case. I trust and highly recommend Troy Marsh, P.C.


Mr. Joseph R. Broome

I‘m a retired factory worker. I was seriously injured in a tractor-trailer wreck and worried that I would not get compensated for my losses. A friend recommended that I call Troy Marsh for help. Not only did Mr. Marsh and his team help me settle my injury case, they did it in a prompt, professional manner. I trust and highly recommend Troy Marsh.


Ms. Agnes Mixon

Since our school days together, Troy Marsh has been a strong, honest presence in our community. When my family needed help, I called Troy. He contacted me the same day, and went to work on our case immediately. In a short amount of time, our case was resolved. With his experience and knowledge of the legal system, Troy negotiated a very fair deal for us. I am very satisfied with the service I received from Troy Marsh, and would highly recommend him as an attorney.

Traci Fordham Bowen

Mr. Marsh was honest, straight forward, and hard working from the first day unto the last. He was always easily reached, and made an effort to return my calls or emails as soon as he could. He worked hard on my case and fought for the best outcome possible. There is no doubt in my mind that I choose the right attorney to represent me.


Criminal Defense Client

In a time when I found myself helpless to the confusion and frustration of the judicial system Mr. Marsh gave me more help than I could have ever expected. Mr. Marsh says to have experience in the Statesboro judicial system for over 17 years. I considered my case important to me of course, but to Mr. Marsh I wasn’t just another client or another case that he’s seen time and time again. I was treated with the utmost respect and my case’s state of being was given notable consideration. Not only was I well taken care of by Mr. Marsh and his remarkable staff, but I felt as though my best intentions for the outcome of my case were always a priority for the Marsh Law Firm. I would highly recommend Mr. Marsh to handle anybodies case in Statesboro. He works for YOU, not for your money.



Mr. Troy Marsh was professional in all aspects of my case. He helped me fully understand what I needed to do to ensure my success. I am not from around Statesboro, Ga so I was looking for a good lawyer in town. During my trail, Mr. Marsh was able to get my DUI completely dropped. I did not even lose my license and currently working on finishing my probation. I am truly thankful for choosing Mr. Troy Marsh and could not have had a better outcome to my case!


Former Client

My son was a teenager attending college in Statesboro and unfortunately experimented with drugs and got into legal trouble. I didn’t know of any attorneys because we do not live in the area but contacted Mr. Marsh who quickly responded. My son was facing 2-5 years years in jail but Mr Marsh was able to provide great legal advice and alternatives that resulted in reduced sentencing of 60 days and 1st offenders. My son now has a fresh start with no record to learn from his mistake, finish college and be a productive citizen.  Thank you Attorney Marsh for giving my son a second chance to learn a valuable lesson and make something of his life!



Mr. Marsh has handled two separate alcohol-related cases for my college-age son this year. Being in trouble a second time in a matter of months presented some difficult challenges (i.e., jail/no bond). Mr. Marsh was able to minimize the charges/damages, and negotiated to get my son out of jail sooner than expected. He went way, way above and beyond for us — keeping me in the loop at all times, and helping me to understand the process which was really scary especially since I live far away from Statesboro. Mr. Marsh is extremely professional, knowledgeable, personable, and an all-around good guy. I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing legal help.



November 3, 2011

Dear Mr. Marsh,

On behalf of the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs at Georgia Southern, thank you for participating as a panelist for the DUI forum.  Your input was valuable and the student feedback was all positive!  We greatly appreciate your time and expertise.


The AOD Office

The AOD Office

Mr. Marsh did exactly what he said he was going to. I had 5 serious charges and he said he would do everything in his power to get it all dropped. He got every charge dropped except my DUI which was a great plea bargain. He was sincere and worked hard on my case until my last charge was expunged. He charged much less than I expected and handled all aspects of my case for a flat fee. He is a caring individual and has helped me get through this slip up in my life greatly.