Rear-End Accident Lawyer in Statesboro, GA

The Marsh Law Firm is here to fight for you when it is more than a fender bender. The Marsh Law Firm represents car accident victims in and around Statesboro, Georgia. For over two decades, we’ve helped those hurt in rear-end collisions prove fault, deal with pushy insurance companies, and win fair compensation. Put your faith in attorney Troy Marsh because dealing with car accident cases is the focus of his law practice.

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"No fee unless you win" refers only to fees charged by the attorney. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client. Contingent fees are not permitted in all types of cases.*

The Right Attorney Makes All the Difference

The Marsh Law Firm focuses on auto accident cases. Over the years, Troy Marsh has developed a deep well of knowledge about how insurance companies and the courts in Bulloch County and surrounding areas handle these claims. That experience helps you build a strong case.

Attorney Marsh understands you might not know what to expect after being rear-ended. Give him a call. For over 26 years, Mr. Marsh has handled all kinds of car crash claims, from the straightforward to the complicated. He will listen to your story, assess your case, determine who is liable, gather proof of your injuries, and present your claim to an insurer in a way that maximizes its value.

Get a Lawyer Who Knows Rear-End Car Accident Cases

Troy Marsh is a well-respected rear-end accident attorney in Bulloch County. The insurance companies and their lawyers know who he is. They know he is a successful trial attorney who puts his clients first. There are no fancy gimmicks like you see on TV. There’s just hard work to get his clients max compensation for their rear-end accident injuries.

When attorney Marsh handles your rear-end collision insurance claim, you will…

  • Only deal with Troy Marsh. You will only ever have one lawyer: Mr. Marsh. That is who you’ll talk to. Mr. Marsh might associate with another lawyer because of their particular skills in a certain area (at no additional cost to you), but he’ll still be your only attorney.
  • Have your questions answered. You will always get updates on your case, answers to your questions, and honest responses to your concerns. You can expect a call with Mr. Marsh at least once a week. You will never doubt that he is working hard and looking out for what is best for you.
  • Get results in your case. Mr. Marsh can’t guarantee a certain outcome in any car accident case. Some factors are outside of his control. You can rely on him to figure out who is at fault, how to best establish negligence, and prove how much your injuries are worth.

Do You Have a Case? Tell Us Your Story

All too often, we get calls from people who were rear-ended while stopped at a red light or rear-ended by a drunk driver. These crashes tend to happen because someone was negligent. The other driver was distracted, speeding, falling asleep at the wheel, or had one too many drinks.

Knowing how and why these rear-end collisions happen helps us get started on your case. As a rear-end collision attorney, Mr. Marsh immediately takes steps to gather and review evidence, like the police report, witness statements, an inspection of your vehicle, and your medical records.

Who’s to Blame for Your Rear-End Collision & Injuries?

To get compensation, you have to prove the other driver is liable. You prove fault by showing the other driver owed you a duty of care but was careless instead.

Every driver owes others on the road a duty of care. They are supposed to mind the law and stick to the rules of the road. By breaking the law or acting irresponsibly and then causing an accident, they were negligent.

Proving Fault to an Insurer or In Court

Attorney Marsh works fast to identify the at-fault driver in your case. He’ll collect evidence that proves the driver’s liability, which could be a ticket, witnesses who saw them collide with your car, and your medical records that show you have whiplash, back injuries, a concussion, or other serious injuries.

What to Expect After Being in a Rear-End Accident?

We know you are going through a tough time. You might be experiencing debilitating back pain after a rear-end accident. You could have a spinal injury that put you out of work. A head injury might make it difficult to concentrate. The Marsh Law Firm is here to understand your situation and get the compensation you’re rightfully owed.

We Pursue Maximum Compensation

We take your physical and mental injuries seriously after a crash. You shouldn’t be left to suffer because of a negligent driver. That is why Mr. Marsh works tirelessly to highlight your damages and secure every penny you deserve.

Some of the financial losses you can win compensation for include:

Whether you were rear-ended at a stop sign, traffic light, or in a parking lot, we are here for you.

Attorney Marsh will guide you through getting your car fixed or replaced. He’ll make sure you get proper medical care, even if that means finding specialists. He’ll review and track your expenses and urgently pursue the compensation he knows you need.

Rear-End Accident Claims & Lawsuits

After a rear-end collision, you might exchange insurance information or go straight to the hospital. Whatever the case, it’s common to get a call or a letter from the other driver’s insurance company. Before you reply or accept an offer, we suggest you pause and consider your options.

Any settlement you receive before talking with a lawyer like Troy Marsh is probably less than what you are owed. Many first offers are low-ball offers meant to resolve the case in the insurance company’s favor.

By working with a rear-end accident lawyer during the claims process, you make the insurance company take your rear-end accident seriously. You show the insurer and their lawyers that you understand your rights. This helps in negotiations because now, they have to come to you with a reasonable offer.

We Are Always Ready for Trial

There are benefits to working with a rear-end collision lawyer with decades of trial experience. Most rear-end accidents get resolved through insurance settlements. But that isn’t always possible. You want to be ready to file a car accident lawsuit. Going to court gives you access to more evidence and protects you from the statute of limitations passing. Also, being willing to take your claim to trial is another way to make insurers take you seriously.

Rear-End Accident FAQs

The short answer is yes, you probably need a lawyer if you were hurt. A fender bender that causes minor damage can be handled by insurers pretty quickly. When personal injuries are involved, the claim gets complicated. Insurers have experienced and savvy adjusters trying to reduce how much the company has to pay. The best way to fight back is to work with a rear-end collision lawyer.

There are a lot of attorneys out there. Some make big promises they can’t keep. When looking for the best lawyer, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and for proof of the lawyer’s success. During a free consultation, you should ask:

  • Have you handled cased like mine before?
  • What is your record of wins vs. losses?
  • Have you ever taken a case like mine to court and won?
  • Do you know the insurance company/opposing attorney/judge?
  • Do you have enough money to finance a case like mine?
  • If I hire this firm, who will work on my case?
  • How quickly will my calls be returned?

It’s impossible to say how much your case is worth until you have your medical records and bills. Because no two car accident cases are the same, you can’t rely entirely on case results or online calculators. Instead, you have to work with an attorney who will document your financial damages, like your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earnings, and property damage. Mr. Marsh also considers your pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other factors that could influence your case’s outcome.

You should only accept a settlement offer if it covers your injury-related expenses, pain and suffering, and legal costs. The best way to know if an offer is enough is to have a lawyer review it. Attorney Troy Marsh is above all else, honest. When he takes a look at a settlement offer, he won’t sugar coat his opinion. If it’s good, he’ll say so. If it’s not, he’ll recommend fighting for more.