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The Marsh Law Firm helps injury victims in and around Statesboro, Georgia get the attention and compensation they deserve from negligent drivers. Don’t settle for less if you were hit while crossing the street, or if a car hit you in a crosswalk. Instead, put your faith in attorney Marsh because accidents involving motor vehicles are our specialty.

Attorney Marsh Makes the Difference for Injured Pedestrians

It’s important to hire the right attorney if you were hit by a car. Whether you were struck in a parking lot, a crosswalk, or by a reversing vehicle, you need a pedestrian accident attorney who’s handled cases like yours before. You also want a lawyer you can trust to be honest and work hard on your case. That’s where the Marsh Law Firm Comes in.

With over 26 years of experience and a history of holding motorists accountable when they hit pedestrians. Troy Marsh should be your next call. He will assess your case quickly, identify those at-fault, gather and compile all of your medical records and bills, and present your claim in a way that reduces your stress and maximizes its value.

Hire the Right Lawyer For the Representation You Deserve

Not all law firms offer the same kind of representation to injured pedestrians.

You don’t want to work with a firm that passes you off to junior associates and focuses more on its fees than your needs. You also don’t want just any pedestrian accident attorney because the insurance company will have teams of attorneys devoted to limiting what they owe or shifting the blame. You may even be pressured to accept a low-ball settlement.

Your lawyer should work harder.

 When attorney Marsh handles your case:


Your lawyer is always Troy Marsh. Mr. Marsh is a solo practitioner, which means he is the only one handling your case. If he chooses to associate with another attorney for their particular skills (at no cost to you), he’ll still be your only lawyer.


Your questions get answered. You’ll never go weeks without an update. You can expect a call from Mr. Marsh at least once a week with news about your case and answers to your questions.


Your lawyer can get results. Mr. Marsh can’t guarantee a particular outcome in any case. Too many factors are outside of his control. You can rest assured that he will use all of his knowledge and experience to fight for the best possible settlement or court award. He’s been winning for over 26 years.


We reduce your risk. You shouldn’t have to shell out a lot of money for an insurance claim as an injured pedestrian. You’re already facing unexpected bills and a reduced income. Instead, The Marsh Law Firm takes on the financial risk and removes upfront costs. There is no fee unless we win.

Do you have a pedestrian accident claim?

Whether you can demand compensation for your injuries or a loved one’s death will depend on the facts. Let pedestrian accident lawyer Troy Marsh listen to your story and ask a few questions.

Were you hit by a car while crossing the street? Were you in a crosswalk or jaywalking? Was the car driving too fast or being reckless?

Once he has all the information, attorney Marsh will assess whether the driver was at fault for the accident and should be responsible for your losses. A benefit of working with a pedestrian injury attorney who focuses on auto accident cases is his ability to evaluate cases quickly.

The Marsh Law Firm is here to help when pedestrians are hurt by:


4,000,000 recovered for our clients in 2020.

Each accident is different, and the results that we’ve achieved for our clients should not be considered an expectation for what we can do for you. We are providing examples of case victories to illustrate that we fight hard for our clients to get meaningful results.

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Who’s to Blame for Your Accident?

In many pedestrian accidents, a driver acted carelessly or recklessly. But there are times when the insurance company will say the pedestrian was in the wrong. You should be prepared for that.

To recover compensation for pedestrian accident injuries, you have to prove another party, like the driver involved, was at fault. To do this, you have to show the driver had a duty of care toward the pedestrian but was negligent instead. For example, the driver might have been speeding at night in rainy conditions.

We’ll Help You Prove Fault

Identifying who is liable after a pedestrian is hit by a car is only the first step in a claim. You have to gather and provide evidence that shows that the party is liable under the law.

Attorney Marsh compiles photos of the crash, medical records, the police report, eyewitness statements, and other evidence. He knows how to present the evidence in such a way as to maximize the value of your claim.

What to Expect After a Pedestrian is Hit by a Car

We know you’re going through a devastating time right now. If you were the pedestrian hit by a car, your injuries might be significant or even catastrophic. Or you might be mourning the loss of a spouse, parent, child, or other loved one who succumbed to pedestrian accident injuries.

This awful time is made worse by the financial consequences. The first medical bills might have arrived, and you might be wondering how you’ll pay all of these bills without the same income. We are here to help you address these bills and seek financial relief from the at-fault driver.

Pedestrian-Car Accident Compensation

The Marsh Law Firm always fights for the maximum compensation possible for injuries or wrongful death.

You might be entitled to compensation for:

To win the maximum compensation possible, you need evidence of your injuries  –  physical, mental, or financial. Attorney Marsh will review your expenses, document how your injuries impacted your life, and explain what you are legally entitled to. Then we’ll pursue all of it with the urgency your case demands.

The Insurance Claim and Litigation Process

It’s understandable to be unsure of what to do if you’re a pedestrian hit by a car. Your best option is to prioritize your medical care and document your injuries. Once you get a diagnosis and treatment plan, we can help you demand compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

You might get a call from the driver’s insurance. We recommend you don’t answer questions or give a statement without hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer first. That insurer isn’t looking out for you. It wants to wrap up a claim quickly and by paying as little as possible.

Once you hire The Marsh Law Firm, you can expect Mr. Marsh to gather evidence, hire any necessary experts, identify the liable parties, calculate your damages, and send a demand for compensation to the insurer. Attorney Marsh makes the insurer respond and take your claim seriously. He won’t ever tell you to accept a low-ball offer.

We’ll Prepare Your Case for Court

Most injury cases, including when a pedestrian is hit by a car, are resolved through an insurance settlement. But that doesn’t mean you can or should avoid the courtroom.

Attorney Marsh is always prepared to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his clients. Why? Because it can help you win the best outcome in your case. It can give you access to additional evidence through discovery, and it makes the insurer take you seriously.

Pedestrian Accident FAQs

Yes, a pedestrian could be responsible for a crash. When a pedestrian is hit in a crosswalk, the car should have stopped. The pedestrian had the right of way.

If a pedestrian crossed a road without a crosswalk, like in the middle of a city block, the vehicle had the right of way. Always hire a pedestrian injury lawyer to assess the facts before assuming who is liable in a pedestrian accident in Georgia.

Yes, both parties could contribute to the accident. When two or more parties might be at fault, then a court assigns each a percentage of responsibility. Whether you can receive compensation depends on whether you were more or less than 50% at fault.

Under Georgia’s comparative negligence law, injury victims who were 49% or less responsible can receive compensation that’s reduced by the victim’s percentage of fault. But anyone who is 50% or more at fault can’t receive compensation.

Every state has what are known as statutes of limitations. These are deadlines for how long you have to file certain lawsuits. Georgia gives you two years for both personal injury and wrongful death claims.

You either have two years from the date of the crash to file an injury lawsuit or two years from your relative’s death to file a wrongful death suit.