Case Results

Our job is to maximize your recovery, and we do it well.

Here are some examples of our victories in local car accident cases to illustrate that we fight hard to get meaningful results. Please understand that each case is different, and the results that attorney Marsh achieved for one client should not be considered an expectation for what we can do for you.

Underinsured Motorist Claim

A trailer became detached from a truck, crossed the center line, and struck an oncoming vehicle, causing the driver to suffer serious shoulder, arm, and hand injuries. The at-fault driver was underinsured, but fortunately, I was able to help my client recover adequate compensation from her own uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance carrier.

Traumatic Brain Injury Caused by Drunk Driver

A drunk driver with a blood-alcohol level over 3 times the legal limit crashed into the rear of the vehicle in which my client was a passenger, causing her to suffer a traumatic head injury. I was able to recover enough money to compensate my client for her losses.

Drunk Driving Accident Requiring Surgery

A drunk driver traveling the wrong way on a divided highway slammed head-onn into my client’s vehicle, causing her to suffer a fractured femur that required surgery and other permanent injuries. I helped my client recover the total amount of liability insurance available. Tragically, my client had not purchased any uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage, and the drunk driver did not have any money or assets to recover. This case illustrates the importance of buying as much uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage as you can afford.

Serious Crash with Underinsured Driver

My client was riding a moped when a driver with a long history of moving violations crashed into him, causing to suffer permanent injuries. The at-fault driver was underinsured. Fortunately, my client had purchased uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance for each vehicle that he owned. Under Georgia law, the policies “stacked,” and I was able to recover enough money to compensate my client for his losses.

Failure to Yield Resulting in Serious Injuries

A negligent driver failed to yield the right of way by turning in front of my client, causing a violent car crash and serious injuries to my client. After filing suit against the at-fault driver, her liability insurance company elected to settle without going to trial.

Car Accident Involving Farm Animal

A farmer negligently allowed a cow to wander onto a public road at night, and my client was unable to avoid crashing their car into the animal. This resulted in my client suffering multiple broken ribs and other serious injuries. I filed suit against the farmer, and his homeowner’s insurance company decided to settle the case without a trial.

Commercial Vehicle vs. Bicycle Accident

My client was riding his bicycle when a large commercial vehicle being driven by a distracted driver hit him, breaking his neck, back, and multiple ribs. The giant corporation elected to settle at mediation rather than face a jury trial.

Truck Accident on Interstate 16

While riding as a passenger in a work van, my client suffered neck and back injuries when a fully loaded tractor-trailer slammed into the rear of the vehicle on Interstate 16, launching the van off the interstate, down an embankment, up a steep incline, over a fence, and into a plowed field. The tractor-trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel because of sleep deprivation. My client’s medical bills exceeded $100,000, and she was left with disfiguring surgical scars. After I filed suit and litigated against an Atlanta defense firm for over a year, the tractor-trailer company’s insurance company decided to settle at mediation for an amount that compensated my client for her losses.

Tractor-Trailer Crash on Hwy 301

As he was driving a tractor-trailer on Highway 301, a truck driver changed from the left lane to the right lane without making sure the left lane was clear. The 80,000-pound tractor-trailer struck the side of a car in the left lane, sending it spinning violently out of control. The spinning car crossed the center line, slammed into my client’s oncoming truck, and sent it flying airborne, with its roof landing on the asphalt. My client’s shoulder was destroyed, and his scalp was mangled. I filed suit against the trucking company and its driver, whose vision had been obstructed by an oxygen mask that he was wearing because of his heart condition. After months of litigation, I demanded that the trucking company’s insurance company compensate my client for his losses, and they agreed.

Accident with Speeding Truck on Interstate 75

A tractor-trailer driver himself, my client had driven over 1 million miles without an incident until he was rear-ended by another tractor-trailer on Interstate 75. A third tractor-trailer had overturned on the highway, and my client safely brought his rig to a controlled stop. The other tractor-trailer driver was speeding, could not stop in time, and slammed into the rear of my client’s tractor-trailer. After suing the trucking company and its driver, we mediated the case for over 12 hours before the insurance company agreed to my demand.

A Quick Word About Expectations - Predicting outcomes is impossible, and we don’t want you to get the mistaken impression that because one case resulted in a $10,000.00 settlement, your case will also result in a similar settlement. The outcome of a case depends on factors and variables, most of which are outside of our control, and they will be different in each case. A client’s best interest is always served by having one unselfish, compassionate lawyer who is willing and able to maximize the client’s recovery. The extent to which we can maximize your recovery has nothing to do with the extent to which we maximized any other case. What attorney Marsh brings to the table is the ability to max it out, whatever that amount may be. Any lawyer can settle a case or get a verdict. But that doesn’t mean they the pursued every option or got the best possible outcome.