Case Results

Our job is to maximize your recovery, and we do it well.

Here are some examples of our victories in local car accident cases to illustrate that we fight hard to get meaningful results. Please understand that each case is different, and the results that attorney Marsh achieved for one client should not be considered an expectation for what we can do for you.

Accident with a Reckless Truck Driver

My client was slowly driving to work in a thick fog when a tractor-trailer owned by the largest trucking company in the nation pulled across her lane of travel in front of her. She did not have enough time or distance to stop in time, and her car hit the side of the trailer, ripping the top from the car, essentially turning it into a convertible. A millisecond before impact, my client ducked her head to the right to avoid decapitation, but glass from the windshield cut her face and penetrated her ear, rupturing her eardrum. I sued the trucking company and its inexperienced driver in federal court.  After many months of litigation, the trucking company’s insurance company met my demand and paid to settle the case.

Accident Caused by an Illegal U-Turn

A tractor-trailer driver negligently tried to make an illegal u-turn directly in the path of my client’s vehicle. Being unable to stop in time, my client’s vehicle struck the tractor-trailer. After taking depositions in Wisconsin, I demanded that the trucking company pay my client and his passengers for their serious injuries and losses. The trucking company refused and hired an “expert” accident reconstructionist who was also a stand-up comedian. Rather than face the embarrassment of that fact coming to light at trial, the trucking company’s insurance company agreed to mediate the case and pay my clients reasonable amounts of money for their injuries.

A Quick Word About Expectations - Predicting outcomes is impossible, and we don’t want you to get the mistaken impression that because one case resulted in a $10,000.00 settlement, your case will also result in a similar settlement. The outcome of a case depends on factors and variables, most of which are outside of our control, and they will be different in each case. A client’s best interest is always served by having one unselfish, compassionate lawyer who is willing and able to maximize the client’s recovery. The extent to which we can maximize your recovery has nothing to do with the extent to which we maximized any other case. What attorney Marsh brings to the table is the ability to max it out, whatever that amount may be. Any lawyer can settle a case or get a verdict. But that doesn’t mean they the pursued every option or got the best possible outcome.