Signs the Insurance Company Is Lowballing You

Written by Troy Marsh |

There’s unfortunately no getting around working with an insurance company after a car accident, and they don’t make it any easier. Often, adjusters and insurance reps will make you a quick offer that seems appealing. But, beware. Initial offers are often much too low and won’t cover all of your losses. The insurance company may be lowballing you.

Attorney Troy Marsh has been representing victims of motor vehicle accidents in and around Bulloch County for more than 26 years. He can help you too. Speak with Mr. Marsh before accepting any offer. Let him evaluate your claim and give you an honest determination about how much it is worth.

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What Is Lowballing?

Lowballing is the practice of making an insurance settlement offer that is much lower than the person deserves. This is a common practice for insurance companies to avoid paying the maximum amount of compensation.

Sometimes insurance companies make these offers quickly after an auto accident to entice plaintiffs to take money without thinking about all of the costs associated with their accident. Lowball settlement offers might incorporate some or all of your past medical costs and property damages, but they won’t likely include your future medical expenses, past or future pain and suffering, lost earning potential, reduced wages, punitive damages, and a lot more.

How Do I Know If I’m Being Lowballed?

There are some telltale signs that signal the insurance company is lowballing you.

  • They tell you that you do not need a lawyer.
  • They tell you that a lawyer will slow down the process.
  • They tell you that you should not get a lawyer.
  • They try to discourage you from consulting with a lawyer.
  • They try to discourage you from hiring a lawyer.
  • They make an offer very quickly after an accident.
  • They give you a short deadline to respond and pressure you to accept the offer.
  • They ignore evidence that you need more money.
  • You are still receiving medical treatment and don’t know about future costs.
  • They don’t consider all of your injuries.
  • It does not cover your lost wages.
  • It does not pay for your car to be repaired or replaced.
  • It does not pay for the diminished value of your vehicle.
  • They don’t explain how they calculated the settlement offer amount.
  • They blame you for the accident, either partially or completely.
  • They stop communicating with you.

If the insurance company’s offer does not consider ALL of your past and future losses, it is likely too low.

How An Attorney Can Maximize Your Offer

When dealing with insurance companies after an accident, you should always seek legal advice. Your attorney will make sure the insurance company treats you fairly.

Your attorney will investigate your accident and determine how much your claim should be worth. If the insurance company does not offer that amount, we can make a demand that they do. If they refuse, we can continue to negotiate and give them proof that you deserve maximum compensation. If they still refuse to treat you fairly, we will sue everyone who was at fault and, in some cases, we will sue the insurance company itself.

We will gather medical bills, get statements about your lost wages, obtain expert opinions about your loss of earning capacity, if necessary, and help you get quotes for your property damage. We will make sure all of your damages are documented.

Call Attorney Marsh To Make the Difference

For over 26 years, attorney Troy Marsh has been leveling the playing field by securing favorable results and jury verdicts for people injured in Statesboro car accidents. Attorney Troy Marsh will compassionately listen to your story and compile all of the information necessary to prove your claim’s true value. If an insurance company is trying to lowball you, call us to fight back.

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