Exceptional Service Is My Goal

Written by Troy Marsh |

From our initial meeting until the matter has concluded, my clients should expect to receive exceptional service.  My staff and I are certainly capable of providing exceptional service, so why should a client expect any less from us?  As long as my client has realistic expectations about the nature and scope of services my staff and I can provide, we will go to great lengths to deliver the “wow” factor.

From the outset, it is important that my client know what I expect from her.  I strive to explain my expectations in clear, plain English so as to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion.  I make it a point to confirm my expectations in writing for my client’s future reference.

I am able to provide exceptional service in personal injury cases, such as car accidents and truck accidents, and criminal defense cases, such as DUI charges, but I know my limits.  When a legal matter involves issues that I do not handle on a regular basis, like bankruptcy or maritime law, it would not be in your best interest for me to take your case.  As much as I may want to help you, I would not be able to provide you with exceptional service, so I may refer you to a colleague who I know to be a provider of exceptional service in bankruptcy cases.  If I do not know such a lawyer, I may simply decline the case and refer you to the State Bar of Georgia referral service.

My staff and I strive to be responsive.  While our office has “regular” business hours, we want to respond to client communications regardless how late in the day the communication arrives.  Voicemails, emails, faxes, and text messages are delivered directly to my smart phone, which delivers an audible alert immediately upon receipt of a new communication.  Rarely will an hour pass before a client receives a response from me.  I consider that my duty and my responsibility.

I will outline my attorney’s fees and estimated costs in great detail.  I don’t want my clients to have to speculate or wonder about things like attorney’s fees and costs.  I want them to know what to expect and when to expect it.  I will propose and explain alternative fee arrangements if necessary.  My clients and I enter into written agreements that set forth the attorney’s fee and cost estimates so as to minimize the risk of any misunderstanding or confusion.  I do not try to “hide the ball.”

I give my clients my full attention.  During meetings, I do not check my emails, answer the phone, or engage in other distracted behavior.  I listen to my clients carefully and make sure that I have answered all of their questions to their satisfaction and that I have addressed all of their concerns.  If I am unable to answer a particular question or address a particular concern, we come to a clear understanding about if and when I will be able to answer the question or address the concern.

I embrace feedback.  I want to know what my clients like and what they dislike.  That is how we improve.  We want to improve.  Perfection may be an unreachable goal, but we can, and will, always strive for it.